Releases I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn (feat. too many books)

Hello lovelies!! There are so many great reads being released this month!! My wallet (and I) cannot keep up 😱 I just counted the books on this list and was AGHAST when I saw there were thirty!! Oh my lord I. Can. Not. It’s autumn, which means I want all the books, but also I’m just rereading all my favorites for … More Releases I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn (feat. too many books)

Top Ten Tuesday: Fall 2019 TBR

Yesterday was the first day of fall. Isn’t that crazy?? I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like forever. Sweater-weather, falling leaves, all the bright, beautiful colors… I absolutely cannot wait for Autumn to hit us in full swing, so I can snuggle outside in an oversized sweatshirt and blanket, soaking in the beauty! It is my favorite season, you know. Maybe this will finally be the season where my TBR spontaneously… gets read?  … More Top Ten Tuesday: Fall 2019 TBR

Biannual Bibliothon Updates …the final round

hello, readathoners!  Many of you have probably heard of the Biannual Bibliothon, a bi-yearly readathon (one in the winter, one in the summer) that hosts reading challenges to complete. This year’s readathon took place Saturday July 11th – Friday July 21st, with the live show on Saturday, July 22nd. The challenges as set prior! * … More Biannual Bibliothon Updates …the final round

March TBR 2019

good morning! Happy March! It’s one of my favorite month’s – honestly because of all the rain and thunderstorms. I ADORE good thunderstorms to read and sleep through. At any rate, This is my monthly TBR for the month of March! Of course, this TBR is definitely subject to change based on my mood and reading … More March TBR 2019

February TBR 2019

good morning! At least it is for me, anyway. I’m having a bit of a lazy Sunday before the Superbowl crazies descend on my house and bring their children to camp out for the night :) Sleep may be elusive today, but hopefully this Patriots house will be sleeping happy tonight! Not that I give … More February TBR 2019