TBR // December 2019

hello lovelies!! Surprised to see a monthly TBR post? Me too! I don’t typically do them, because I’m such a mood reader that I rarely stick to them. However, as it’s the last month of the year, there are some year-long reading challenges to complete, some December readathons to fulfill, and so much to read!! Ahhh!! When did this happen? Last I knew, it was Halloween … More TBR // December 2019

On My Shelf #1

A while back, I asked my Twitter for numbers between 1-582 and didn’t specify why. This being Book Twitter, they probably knew. But, in a big reveal, it’s to feature different books on my bookshelf!! Each number correlates to a book, and I’ll talk about the book, whether I’ve read it, what I liked, why I maybe haven’t read it yet, and why it was attractive to me. In the ultimate twist, I will then pick a book from this list that I haven’t read, and read it this month … More On My Shelf #1

Kindle Unlimited TBR: Friends-to-Lovers!

In today’s Kindle Unlimited feature, we’re exploring books that feature one of my favorite tropes: friends-to-lovers romances!! There’s something about this trope that always hooks me. Maybe it’s the slow-burn, the questioning, the agony of the decision of whether to go for it, the wondering if he/she feels the same way… *shivers*  … More Kindle Unlimited TBR: Friends-to-Lovers!

Kindle Unlimited TBR: Sports Romances

Today, obviously, we’re exploring sports romances :) Sports romances are a HUGE favorite!! (Especially hockey ones by the Queen herself, Kelly Jamieson.) There’s usually a deliciously hunky male lead, and they’re usually NA, which I also adore. It’s hard to find a good NA book, but usually if you pair it with a sports romance, that’ll get you where you need to be. College athletes? Where can I sign up.  … More Kindle Unlimited TBR: Sports Romances

Kindle Unlimited TBR: High School Romances

High school romances are fun, because they regularly feature some of my favorite tropes and are so adorably full of questionable decisions, angst, drama and sweetness. Kisses are such a big deal in these books, whereas they’re given so much more freely in older romances, which I adore. This often lends itself to a wonderful slow-burn of longing glancing and unrequited love and some minor stalking in school. No biggie … More Kindle Unlimited TBR: High School Romances

Releases I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn (feat. too many books)

Hello lovelies!! There are so many great reads being released this month!! My wallet (and I) cannot keep up 😱 I just counted the books on this list and was AGHAST when I saw there were thirty!! Oh my lord I. Can. Not. It’s autumn, which means I want all the books, but also I’m just rereading all my favorites for … More Releases I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn (feat. too many books)