Review Policy

Authors and Publishers: Please Read

A word of warning

Cover to Cover is a content-based blog, not review-based. This means that I rarely accept review requests. However, I am instituting something that (I think) will be more beneficial to the authors. See I’ve realized that, as a reader, I almost never read reviews. Especially if they’re on a book I haven’t read or by an author I don’t know. But what I love is bookish content. People talking about books is why I blog and scour the blogosphere every day! This is why I’m offering guest posts to authors who wish to promote their book, not themselves. See more at my Promos + Guest Posts page.

General Information

Currently, I’m accepting Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult books for review. You can send your emails to

This is my policy: If you want a review, send me a print or Kindle copy of your book. Print is very much preferred. Each post has two/three pictures to promote it: The image you see on the home page of my blog, the banner you see on the post, and a social media post. These images make my posts more visibly appealing and bring traffic to the post via social media. If I don’t have a book to take pictures of, this becomes difficult. A PDF will not suffice for picture-taking purposes.

Not accepted: Any other form (PDF, ePUB, etc). If this is all you can offer, please don’t email me and ask someone else. Because it will be denied.

If your book is part of a series, please consider sending me the previous books in the series. If I’m confused during your book because I haven’t read the previous books, that’s not on me. (This has happened before. Author told me it could be read as a standalone, and she didn’t get a glowing review because I didn’t have the background necessary to understand the book). Please use caution when submitting a request for a book in the middle of a series.

I am NOT accepting interactive media books at this time, nor am I accepting any ebooks other than kindle books. Please either send it to my Kindle or preferably in print format.


Please note: I do not accept non-fiction books of any kind, save for the rare memoir or modern biography.

I accept YA, NA and Adult fiction in the following genre’s:

  • (High / Urban / Epic) fantasy
  • Fairytale Retellings
  • Mythology
  • Paranormal
  • Supernatural
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Erotica
  • Steampunk
  • Select Memoirs
  • Select Self-Help
  • Select Thrillers
  • Select Science Fiction

Accepting Books

If I accept a book for review, that does not guarantee a glowing, positive review. It does, however, guarantee and honest one. It is my policy that if I do not like your book, I will not review it. I know that it is hard for indie authors to make it in this business, and I won’t have my one opinion making it harder for them. These are strides I take for your benefit, so do not email me to check up on my review if it hasn’t happened in the time frame you hoped.

I make every effort to read and review my books in a timely fashion and wish regard to release dates, but this is not guaranteed. A book received 3-4 months prior to when you’d like the review to be posted/ release date is much more appreciated and much more likely to get read in a timely manner. Most of the time, a review/post is scheduled in the same month I read it. However, it does depend on how ahead I am with scheduling. Again: do not email me checking up on your review.

The format of the book will impact my acceptance. Call me a snob, but if I am sent a PDF copy of a book, it decreases my chances of enjoying it by about 65%. I am a book snob, and I like tangible books. PDFs aren’t as enjoyable for me, therefore: procrastination. I want to give your book the best chance possible, and so should you. PLEASE take into consideration before offering me a copy of your book.

It is not my intention to destroy your reputation and word-whittle my way to your soul and rip up every shred of self-respect you have with my review. I will critique, but I will not shame. If your book is rated under 3 stars, I will not review it on the blog. Maybe I will on Goodreads.


I write a review for roughly ever book I finish. Sometimes it’s just a page in my review book. Sometimes it’s a full-fledged review post. Most of the time, it’s a mention on a listed or discussion post, like MINI-REVIEWS: January Contempories or Biannual Bibliothon Updates + Mini-Reviews or my post on Vulnerable Alpha’s in books. These are posts covering different topics, and I have paragraphs talking about or “reviewing” books I liked that featured those things, and featured them well.

Sending me your book does not guarantee a review on Cover to Cover, but the possibility of being mentioned positively in future posts.

By sending me your book, you are guaranteed the following services…

  • Social Media mentions
  • Goodreads action (rate, review, etc.)
  • Mention/ mini-review (at minimum) on a wrap-up post
  • Possibility of a review on Cover to Cover

I also post on Goodreads, though those tend to be shorter and more bullet-pointed. My reviews are written in a relaxed, honest and conversational manner and are not meant to be “objective literary critiques.”

That said, I do like to explain why the book in question did or did not work for me personally. In the case that I didn’t enjoy it, I try to say who would enjoy the book. My reviews are my opinion, and if I didn’t enjoy a book then my review will reflect that; but my reviews are also aimed towards recommending books for other people. What I do not do is write nasty or snarky commentary towards the author when writing a negative or DNF review. I can’t say that I haven’t ranted some about Veronica Roth and her Allegiant, but I do not, under any circumstances, attack the author themselves.

I do not put my reviews on Amazon.

*** What to include in a review request

If certain things are missing, the request will be denied. Please adhere the following outline…

  • The title/author of the book
  • Goodreads link, blurb, or a personal summary.
  • What format the book will be in (ARC, finished copy, or Kindle copy) <—- The only ones that I will accept
  • What genre the book is in
  • Sign with your name, please. If the name on your book is “KL Higgins,” don’t sign it “KL.” If you can’t trust me with your name, how am I supposed to trust YOU with my information (i.e., address, kindle email)?

I also like for there to be personality in the contact. If someone tells me they’re interested, and to email someone else, I will not do it. I would like to be contacted by the person I will be conversing with, and I would like some familiarity. Like using my name, and not starting off with “To Whom it May Concern” in a clearly copy-and-pasted email. 

Review Structure

arc-disclaimer-imageEach book I review will have an image of the book, an Amazon link and a review disclaimer. If I write a full-post review, it will also include links to buy the book (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository and Goodreads), the Genre, the series (and links to other books), the date published, the source (where I got it = you), the format I read the book in, the number of the pages that format was, the average rating of the book and MY rating of the book.

An example of full fledged reviews can be found here: Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima | Fire in You by J Lynn | ARC Review: Motion by Penny Reid | Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

If you have any further questions, please email me at and I’ll be happy to answer them!