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Author Guest Posts and Interviews

Here’s my take on promo’s: Interviews, no go. Guest posts? Hell yes.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you: no one care’s. They won’t stop their internet-trolling to read an interview about you saying you’ve always wanted to be an author and then magically decide you must be a wonderful author and buy your book. That’s not how it works. They don’t know who you are!

How much do you hate it when your Great Aunt Tilly from Nebraska starts talking about Tom and Sue from church, and how their grandson’s cousin’s boyfriend’s mom got a new job? You don’t know who they are. You don’t care. Reading an interview from a person you don’t know can sometimes feel the same way, and with the amount of authors jumping on the “interview” train as a first introduction, I think they forget this feeling. 

Well, now we have to get them to know who you are! If you write a guest post, not about yourself, but on bookish topics/books that you can discuss and readers can agree and relate to… that’s huge. That’s a connection. We want the reader walking away thinking, “Wow, what an interesting perspective” or “we have a lot of favorite books in common, maybe I’ll like his/her book, too!” instead of “lookie, another author has written a book and this is where she talks about it and herself”.

If you’re interested in garnishing this response, write a guest post for me! Read the following for more information.

What you’re getting

First of all, I do not endorse books I have not read. This means, if you’re interested in a guest post, I strongly recommend you send me a print copy of your book.

Sending me a print copy of your book grants you the following:

  • Social media promotions
  • Graphics tailored to YOUR book (as I take my own pictures for graphics, I can’t take a picture of a PDF you send me, or a book I don’t have).
  • Sending me a copy of your book gives opens up the possibility of me reading/reviewing your book in the future
  • It also opens up the possibility of me talking about it in future posts. Say I read your sci-fi adventure and loved it. If I write a post entitled, “Best Indie Sci-Fi I’ve Ever Had the Honor of Holding in My Hands,” your book would be mentioned. Thoroughly.

If you do not send me a print copy of your book because you do not have one available:

  • I’m going to have to get creative with the post graphics, and this is a bit of a hurdle. 
  • I will not be able to promote it on social media/goodreads/the blog. At all. I do NOT endorse books I have not read.
  • There is no possibility of me reviewing it in the future
  • There is no possibility of me featuring your book on the blog beyond your post
  • BUT I will still endorse your post.. I will do my best to direct people to your guest post and hope they’ll then go check out your book

If you send me a digital copy of your book, but do have a print copy available:

  • First of all, if you have a print copy available, consider sending it to me instead.
  • Graphics will either not feature your book in any way, or I will have to get creative with them. 
  • Sending me a copy of your book gives opens up the possibility of me reading/reviewing your book in the future
  • It also opens up the possibility of me talking about it in future posts. Say I read your sci-fi adventure and loved it.

What does a Guest Post entail, exactly?

There are several different formats of posts you can do, including: Humorous, Question-Answer, Lists (recommendations), Lifestyle, How-To/Advice, a Holiday post, Opinion post or an original content promotional post.

Pick a subject to talk about, then pick the format to write it in.

If you’re confused by anything, I’m a very friendly person :) Just shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to answer any questions/clarifications

Be sure to include, after our initial conversation, the following information when requesting a Guest Post

  • Will you be able to offer me a print copy of your book?
  • What month/week are you looking at publishing the post? 
  • What is the title of your book?
  • What is the subject of your post (you can, of course, change your mind later. This is to avoid the awkwardness of me or someone else writing a post with the same subject)
  • Why are you doing this guest post? (Promotional purposes/release day celebration/just cause/because you love my blog)  
  • Your social media accounts/websites (links pls)

Only Original Content

I pride myself on Cover to Cover being a site with completely original and exclusive content. If you submit a post to me, I ask that you not post it anywhere else. Feel free to put a link to it on your website, social media, on other blogs, where ever. But please do not give other blogs – or your own website – a cut-and-paste of the same content. If I find that same content elsewhere, your post on my site will be deleted.


Please don’t reserve a day to post a guest post and then NEVER contact me again or follow through in any way! You will be blacklisted. If your grandma passed away and you can’t write the post, tell me! I will be very understanding and empathetic, I swear! I will not be if you just drop the ball.

If you sign up for a guest post, I’m relying on you to have a post for me. If you don’t write it, I need to have a post for that day. If you’re fumbling or unsure or have no ideas or need more time, tell me. Don’t just cut me off. (You can probably tell this has happened before.)

If you email me for a guest post, and I coach you through it numerous times, and we send emails back and forth for a few months, don’t send me a “never mind” post. I will wait six months for your draft and not be bothered by it. If you give up halfway through it, I will be incensed by it.

Feel free to sign up for a post nine months away. People underestimate how hard it is to write a post. But you’re all writers, you’re all more than capable :)

*rant over. Please take it to heart.

Submission Process

Feel FREE to send me drafts along the way. Just make it clear they’re drafts so I don’t accidentally publish them :)

  • Once you have sent me the information above, write your post!
  • Take. Your. Time. This will be on the internet FOREVER.
  • Send me your post in a Google Docs or Word document. 
  • I will then copy and paste into a post, create graphics, fix the layout, etc.
  • Answer the following questions for yourself:
    • Do you have a title in mind for your post, or do you want me to come up with one? *I have right to change it if it doesn’t work
    • When do you want this published?
    • Do you want to also host a giveaway at the end of the post for swag/book/gift cards?
    • Has this content been published anywhere else? Do you intend to publish this content anywhere else? (The answer is NO. Any content submitted to Cover to Cover is original content and will not be posted anywhere else. If I find it somewhere else, I will delete the copy on here. Reblogging and links to this post is fine.)
  • Send me a picture of yourself and a personalized summary of you to put at the bottom of your post


I would be thrilled to host a giveaway for you! Not only do I love giveaways, but so does everyone else! Nothing draws a crowd like a giveaway, except for maybe shouting “free books!”. Prepare to be trampled :)

You must put together the giveaway. Please provide a rafflecopter (or other platform format) or your email to run the giveaway. **if this is your first giveaway, no sweat. I will coach you through it.

If you’d like for me to host a giveaway for a book, be sure to include the following info in your request:

  • Title/Author
  • Book format (ARC, finished copy, kindle, audiobook) or other prize (gift card, swag, copy of book, entire series, first class ticket to the Northpole)
  • A picture of the prize, if you can, to entice a larger crowd
  • Shipping requirements (US, US/CA or international)
  • The run time of the giveaway
  • Additional information you’d like to include (Is the book signed?, etc.)

Please note: Cover to Cover will host the giveaway, but is not responsible for obtaining or sending out the prizes won by the winner this will be the publisher or author’s responsibility.

Please note #2: I expect you to promote said giveaway and post on any and all social platforms. Help me, help you, would ya?

I want to thank you again for choosing (or considering) my humble blog-abode to host your promotion. Please email me if you have any questions at


P.S: Overwhelmed by everything? Here’s a checklist with everything you need to do to make an extraordinary guest post in a step-by-step list Feel free to email me if you’re struggling and I’ll coach you through it :)

2 thoughts on “Promo’s + Guest Posts

  1. Kat, this is great. I love that you’re so willing to help indie authors out while still maintaining standards and keeping your own sanity. Expect to hear from one of my guys soon. :)

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