Releases I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn (feat. too many books)

Hello lovelies!! There are so many great reads being released this month!! My wallet (and I) cannot keep up 😱 I just counted the books on this list and was AGHAST when I saw there were thirty!! Oh my lord I. Can. Not. It’s autumn, which means I want all the books, but also I’m just rereading all my favorites for … More Releases I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn (feat. too many books)

nineteen years

It’s 11:21 PM, and I’m feeling a bit reflective. In approximately seven hours from now, I will officially be nineteen years old. Nineteen. That’s only 1 year away from twenty!  I remember when I first discovered Goodreads. I was in sixth grade, six years ago, and was exploring the internet on my very first laptop – I’d … More nineteen years

Biannual Bibliothon Updates …the final round

hello, readathoners!  Many of you have probably heard of the Biannual Bibliothon, a bi-yearly readathon (one in the winter, one in the summer) that hosts reading challenges to complete. This year’s readathon took place Saturday July 11th – Friday July 21st, with the live show on Saturday, July 22nd. The challenges as set prior! * … More Biannual Bibliothon Updates …the final round