Spring Time, Cozy Time Book Tag [Original]

Spring is one of my favorites, because it’s a cozy season!! I love sitting outside on my covered patio, feeling the breeze pass by me, or watching a thunderstorm in action, while staying warm and dry 😊 Plus all the beautiful flowers!! The blooms we have going on around my house are stunning, I’m terrified to look at them too long, afraid they’ll all blow away as I watch. … More Spring Time, Cozy Time Book Tag [Original]

Favorite Reading Tropes, BookEnding Spring Style!

Hello lovelies! I’m once again honored to host for BookEnding Spring’s Blog Hop 🥰 I’ve had so much fun creating these posts and seeing what you all are doing with them! Welcome to Day Two of my reign, and I’ll be with you for two more days after this with my Anticipated Spring Releases, and then with the Original Spring Time, Cozy Time Book Tag on Sunday! … More Favorite Reading Tropes, BookEnding Spring Style!

Valentine’s Day Book Tag

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Rather than putting in the work to create a massive list of all my current book boyfriends (because who has the time for that???) I decided to jump on the train and celebrate by doing the Valentine’s Day tag! This was so fun to put together, because I got to talk about some of my favorites, as well as some others I don’t talk about as much as I should … More Valentine’s Day Book Tag

Fall Reading Book Tag

hello lovelies!  It’s my favorite time of year, and look!! I found another fall book tag to do! Who is surprised? I love book tags, and needed more reasons to use these dancing leaves again 😄😄 They make my heart happy, they’re adorable 💕✨ Anyway! This is the Fall Reading Book Tag, so please enjoy! Let … More Fall Reading Book Tag

The Fall Bucketlist Book Tag

After participating in the Halloweentown Book Tag last week, I found another fun tag, The Fall Bucketlist Book tag created by Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany! I had to do that, too, of course! Fall is absolutely my favorite season, and I’m so glad that I live on such a gorgeous campus this year to experience the season in full. The trees are gorgeous and the leaves are everywhere, and the weather is crisp… … More The Fall Bucketlist Book Tag

The Halloweentown Book Tag

I watch the Halloweentown movies – all four – religiously, every single year. Marnie Piper and the gang are my Halloween friends, and I can’t possibly go through the autumn season without seeing their friendly faces AT LEAST ONCE, maybe twice. So once I saw @coffee_bookish’s twitter post about the Halloweentown book tag… I had to participate!! Of course! Thank you to the original creator Jackie @ Bookish Coffee Blog … More The Halloweentown Book Tag