Review: The Security Guy by VC Lancaster

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Genre: Adult | Science Fiction | Enemies-to-Lovers
Forced Proximity | Fake Relationship | Bodyguard Romance
Series: Office Aliens #3
Read Count: 1
Motivation: OWLs Magical Readathon 2020
My Rating: 3.5 stars!
Description: Anna has been sent to the San Diego branch of the Department of Extra-Terrestrial Immigration from her London PR company to negotiate a contract. Her job is to help improve the public image of the local Teissian refugee community after it has come under attack from a local politician.
On her first day there, she is invited to the office Christmas party. The next morning, she wakes up beside a tall scaled alien named Khy. Anna just wants to forget it ever happened – not that either of them can actually remember what happened – but Khy is insistent. In his culture, he is now honour-bound to stay by her side, at least until she can prove she’s not pregnant. Anna knows it’s impossible, but she can’t get rid of him, and what’s worse is that she’s due at her brother’s for Christmas in a matter of days.
With no other choice, she and Khy have to pretend to be in love for real so he can join her in New Hampshire for the holidays. When their relationship is suddenly exposed in the worst possible way, and Anna becomes a target for anti-Teissian protesters, Khy has to be her bodyguard as well as her boyfriend.
With everything spiralling out of Anna’s normally tight control, Khy is the only one she can rely on. But what does that mean when the inevitable happens, and they’re forced to admit she’s not pregnant? With nothing keeping them together, they have to make a choice. Was any of it real? Or were they just a drunken mistake from the start

This is the third book in the Office Aliens series, and honestly… I enjoy these books so much :) They read like a contemporary romance, with all the awesome tropes that I love… but with an alien as the love interest. 

In The Security Guy, it all started with a drunken one-night stand at Anna’s office party. She wakes up in bed, with little memory of the night before, with an Alien in bed next to her. But Khy isn’t human, and he has different moral responsibilities than Anna anticipated. As a Volon, it is his responsibility to be with Anna for her every step, until they both know that she’s not pregnant. No pregnancy test or logic will convince him. Until she has her period, he’s by her side. This… becomes a problem when only a few days after their hookup, Anna has to leave for New Hampshire to visit her brother for Christmas. Yeah… that’s pretty awkward. 

Neither Anna nor Khy is pleased about these circumstances. She (not really remembering him from the night before) hates him for making her life so difficult, and he’s unhappy that he has to follow her so. But she’s stuck, because as the PR representative for the firm, she can’t make a big fuss about the alien “harassing” her. And Khy is stuck, because in his culture, honor is everything and if he leaves like Anna wants, he will have nothing and no honor. 

“Then get me fired. Haven’t you been listening? Nothing is more important than (my responsibility). I will kill and die for you. I will lose my job, spend all the money I have, or get put in prison for you, and at the end of it all, you will be the worst thing that ever happened to me, but I will have my honour. If I do as you ask and something happens to you, my life will not be worth living. 

So not only is this a forced-proximity (because unless she’s going to the bathroom, he’s right there with her, so if she does become pregnant, he knows that it’s hers), hate-to-love (because she’s less than pleased and essentially hates this rude stranger after this) bodyguard romance, but it’s also a fake relationship! 

This book is (probably) my favorite of the series. VC Lancaster likes to write fierce females – the kind that are forceful and sometimes mean, but have that soft side once you get to know them. Anna doesn’t give an inch to Khy, she’s rude to him… but she starts to get used to him being around and taking care of her. 

It had all the nuances of all of those incredible tropes: hate-to-love roommates, forced-proximity, etc. I was really feeling that slow slide from the intense dislike Anna had for Khy… and I loved it when the “there’s only one bed” trope pulled up and saluted. That one’s a favorite 🥰

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Do you enjoy sci-fi romances? What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! 

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