Week #1 of The Book Junkie Trials

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hello, junkies! 

Many of you have probably heard of the Book Junkie Trials – or are participating, yourself! It’s been all over Twitter for the past week-and-a-half, so I would be surprised if you haven’t even seen anything about it. 

I posted my TBR a few days ago and explained the readathon in more detail, so if you’re interested, check that out here. I’m currently working on the challenges for Team Mage still, so I’ll make sure you pop over to my blog post to see the full TBR

Cover to Cover Book Blog Kat snark reviews discussions book blogger book dragon reading reader recommendations star reads Review Adventure Book Junkie Trialsjune 29, day one

The readathon started at midnight for the mage team, so I stayed up until midnight (this morning) to start this challenge. I managed to read 18% of Time by Penny Reid, only because I wasn’t quite in the mood to start my gory and gritty book that was the first book I was to read for my Mage route, before going bed.

That was last night/this morning. Now, it’s almost midnight and I’ve managed to read a little over 200 pages in Scythe by Neal Shusterman towards Orc Grove: Read a book that is gruesome, gory, or gritty. Now admittedly, this book is not too gory or gritty, even though it is a book about unrepentant murder, and that’s gruesome enough for me. Even though it’s not too graphic, I’m counting it.

Basically, the book follows two teenagers, Citia and Rowen, who were taken on as Scythe apprentices in a future version of our world that has no disease, no old age, no crime and no government. A perfect “utopia,” if you will. But people are still repopulating, and it’s not unusual for one person to have 20 kids since they live so long, and there’s no diseases to kill people off. To combat this population problem, the Scythe’s were created to be the “grim reapers” of sorts to randomly kill, or “glean,” as they refer to it, people to curtail any overpopulation.

“You see right through the facades of the world, Citra Terranova.
You’d make a good scythe.”

Citra recoiled. “I’d never want to be one.”
“That,” he said, “is the first requirement.”
Then he left to kill their neighbor.

Oddly, it’s a fun book. It’s twisty, kinda dark, but also very YA in a way that I’m thoroughly enjoying. Set in the Utopian world that it is, where boredom is normal and death is unnatural, it’s also very introspective and philosophical in a way that I really appreciate. It’s making me think about things in new ways.

Anyway, I still have another 200 or so pages left in the book to read, so I’m about halfway through, and I think I’ll give it another half hour before I retire for the night. Sweet dreams!

Cover to Cover Book Blog Kat snark reviews discussions book blogger book dragon reading reader recommendations star reads Review Adventure Book Junkie Trialsjune 30, day two

Ick, I have work today until 9pm… so reading today will be scarce. BUT! Still very much enjoying Scythe by Neal Shusterman :) It’s so much more engaging than I would have expected! Not that I was expecting it not to be, but it’s one of those books that you’re reading and enjoying and then you put it down and think about it and you realize you love it and need it and absolutely need to pick it up again. 

Rohan wanted to despise all of this, but there was something about holding one’s skill, no matter the nature of that skill, that was rewarding. What he hated was the fact that he didn’t hate it.

I’m popping in to say that I actually ended up working until 11pm because someone called off (grr) so I didn’t get nearly as much reading done as I’d hoped. I read 19 pages before I fell asleep with the light on… so I guess I was tired lol. 

Cover to Cover Book Blog Kat snark reviews discussions book blogger book dragon reading reader recommendations star reads Review Adventure Book Junkie Trialsjune 31, day three

Ugh, I worked until 8pm tonight, but am determined to finish Scythe to make my three-day lead worth something! I’m sitting down now to finish it. I actually read quite a bit this morning, so I only have 100 pages remaining. Things just HAPPENED, and it got really twisty, and I’m so so so excited to dive back in after eight hours on my feet in customer service.

I’m really enjoying this premise of two teenagers fighting so hard for something they don’t want, just to make the system better. I can’t say anything more without spoilers …

10:21 PM – I FINISHED!! Oh my lord that was WILD!! This book was a perfect mix of fast-paced and utterly intricate in it’s subtlety. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my time with Scythe by Neal Shusterman. See my full review here (which I wrote immediately).

Cover to Cover Book Blog Kat snark reviews discussions book blogger book dragon reading reader recommendations star reads Review Adventure Book Junkie Trialsjuly 1, day four

Today is the day when Book Junkie Trial Readathoners around the world begin their quest for the Bookie Grail! As a member of Team Mage, I had my three-day lead, and did I use it as wisely as I should have?? Probably not. But I had all the wrong shifts at work and they definitely didn’t lend themselves towards quality reading time in my life. That being said, I’m starting a new book today! It’s Seafire by Natalie C. Parker.

It’s very similar to the Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller in the way that it’s about an all-female pirate crew, among other spoiler-y factors, but despite the similarities – or because of them – I’m quite enjoying this one! Especially the relationship Catadonia has with her fellow crew members.

“Captain,” she said, “We found trouble.”
“Can we eat it?” Caledonia asked.
Redtooth’s lips spread in a devilish grin. “Sure,” she answered.
“We’re the crew of the Mors Navis. We eat Bullets for breakfast.”

Seafire is exactly how it’s marketed: a fun adventure book featuring sass, friendship and regret in an admittedly engaging story. When I started, I was a bit worried that it would be too similar to Daughter of the Pirate King, even though Seafire was published first, but I shouldn’t have worried. Although the plot does lend itself to some parallels, the main characters themselves couldn’t be more different.

While both strong, independent females characters that don’t need no man, Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King was brash and her confidence and swagger hit people over the head with glaring obviousness. Don’t get me wrong, I love that about her. Catadonia from Seafire is much less aggressively confidence and definitely not as brash, but she’s got a backbone and loves her snappy comebacks just as much as I do.

“Alaric Athair killed us long ago,” The smile she offered them held no warmth. “We simply seek to return the favor.”

Alas, I’ve read enough for one day. Well, not quite, but it’s almost midnight and I’m ready for some sleep before my early shift tomorrow. I’m confident that I’ll be finishing Seafire tomorrow night, and will keep you updated :)

july 2, day fiveCover to Cover Book Blog Kat snark reviews discussions book blogger book dragon reading reader recommendations star reads Review Adventure Book Junkie Trials

Hello! I just got off work and am sitting here with Seafire in my lap, and my anticipating is building! THE BIG FIGHT is right around the corner, I’m sure it starts as soon as I pick it back up again, but I’m readddyyyy to rummbllle!

Oh, the anticipation. The suspense!! I’m so ready for this battle!! There’s only about 60 pages left… im ready.

“Take your ship, take your crew, and prove to that man that he has not quelled all of us. Prove that there is a fire on these seas he cannot contain.”

07:30 PM: Ohhkay. Okay. Okay. I just spent the last 20 minutes texting everyone I know (who reads) and tweeting. “THERE WAS A SEQUEL????”

And I really found out on the last page.

Although I really should have guessed. Nonetheless, I absolutely adored this one! Adventure books are a bit of breath of fresh air, and while it was certainly action-packed with story and happeningsand feelings, it was, at it’s core, an adventure book. Although I definitely thought this was a standalone, I just found out it is, in fact, the first book in a trilogy! And book two comes out September 2019. Big sobs.

But despite the massive cliffhanger, I ended this book with a smile on my face, because this book was such a fun ride. #GirlEmpowerment. Read my full Seafire review here. 

july 3, day sixCover to Cover Book Blog Kat snark reviews discussions book blogger book dragon reading reader recommendations star reads Review Adventure Book Junkie Trials

Just remembered that Stranger Things, Season Three comes out tomorrow! I love Stranger Things, but I kinda totally forgot about it? Nonetheless, Dad Steve is coming back and I’m excited!

I’m actually typing this just before work, and I slept in muuch more than I intended to. I didn’t have enough time for a full shower this morning, but I had time to type this up and will make it to work on time, so it’s all good.

I’m not really sure what time I went to bed – which is probably why I slept so late, it must have been later than I intended – because I was up reading Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton! I read 139 pages before I couldn’t stay awake any longer, but I am thoroughly enjoying this rebel story! Jin seems pretty cool and worldly, and Amani seems deliciously impulsive with her actions and her snapbacks, and I love it!!

He told me not to do anything stupid. But it was damned stupid of them to leave a window open in the stables. And I’d be damned stupid if I didn’t take advantage of it.

Desert adventures are underrated, and I need more of them. Anyways, off to work! I’ll chat with you when I get home at 8pm :)

“The world makes things for each place. Fish for the sea, Rocs for the mountain skies, and girls with sun in their skin and perfect aim for a desert that doesn’t let weakness live.”

I’m baaaaack! I’m off work, it’s around 10pm, and I’m pumped to dive back into this delightful story!! I love the #GirlEmpowerment in this one… even though the women are oppressed, I’m feeling empowered through Amani :) 

july 4, day seven

Happy Independence Day, America! I read last night until around 1:30am and finally had to stop because my eyes were drooping. I only had about 20 pages left but I was fighting the sandman and losing.

We had the 4th of July Parade this morning, it goes by my house at 9am every year, and sat out there in my lawn chair finishing the last 20 pages before the scream of sirens was undeniably telling me it was time to put my book down. But! I finished it during a gap in the parade, between the fire truck and the 5-year-old baton twirlers, and wow!

So this really was where the stories came to life. Heroes and monsters come to fight and die for the Rebel Prince.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one! The last two books I read, Seafire and Rebel of the Sands are both adventure books, and I really missed those books! Lately I’ve read a lot of epic’s, urban fantasy’s and contemporary romances. But YA adventure books, which is usually the core of YA fantasy, I’ve been missing out on and really miss! Rebel of the Sands is the first book in a trilogy, and you can bet that I’ll be obtaining the other two books sometime very soon to read. Read my full Rebel of the Sands review here

As it is holiday, my library is closed and I can’t go pick up Priory of the Orange Tree! It’s finally available for pickup and now that I’m ready for it… no siree. Not today, apparently…

But I’m starting the next challenge as soon as I’m able, which will be in the Draconic Isle. I’m told Priory of the Orange Tree has dragons, so I’m hoping this will be a good add to the list! But I’m not pleased to be wasting a whole day that I could be reading. I have the day off, we watched the parade, cooked out and are just chilling around the house. It’s perfect!! Grrr… 

In the meantime, I’ll talk to you next Wednesday on all new Book Junkie progress! Happy reading :) See my Week #2 Updates…

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Are you participating in the Book Junkie Trials, or a different readathon, this month? What are some of the book you’re reading this summer? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! 

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