The Bookish Q+A Tag!

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Hello readers!

Happy Easter to everyone! And also a very happy birthday my boys Fred and George Weasley – you can send me a toilet seat ANY time :)

All Harry Potter nostalgia aside, I noticed this fun questionnaire first on Cait @ Paper Fury’s blog (definitely check her out, she is freaking hysterical on all things) and thought I’d give it a try. My thanks to Deborah Kealty, the author of this fun tag! I haven’t had the opportunity to read any of her content yet, but her profile photo is a tiger, and that right there says all I need to know – so check her out, too! 

Also, I have to send my congratulations out to Cait @ pagewithaview who posted a stunning photo of her ACOFAS book on bookstagram – she got everyone going that didn’t read the #AprilFools hashtag. She clearly won the day.

1. What books do you remember reading that kick-started your bookworm habit?

I wouldn’t imagine my answer is much different than others my age – the Harry Potter books, of course, is what truly got my “habit” started. I didn’t learn to read, I mean really read, until about halfway through the second grade or so. I knew the simple words, “I,” “Am,” “Can,” “Hi” and “The,” but it was pretty basic. I’ve always been a voracious learner when it’s something that I truly care about and take an interest in, which is why I aced all my History and English classes, and math could have fucked itself into a hole for all I cared. It was the summer into third or fourth grade where I started really taking an interest. 

What can I say? The library reading program really got my competitive streak motivated. By the next summer, I read The Lightning Thief aloud to my brother, at his request, during the drive to Virginia. If only I could pull a 360 like that with geometry, i.e. the worst year of my life.

While The Lightning Thief and the public library system got me started, it wasn’t until my mom gave me Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone that I really fell in love with reading overall. It’s one of the moments of my childhood that I remember most clearly: it was a Friday night during the transition from summer to fall, and we were having a fire outside in our portable fire pit. I remember distinctly that I was sitting on the stoop by the back door to our house that night when my mom gave me the tattered copy (which has grown significantly more so in the ensuing years) and I read the first line and fell, hard. After Harry Potter, there was no stopping me. I went after all of Rick Riordan’s other books and tossed my Junie B. Jones to the side forever. 

The Bookish Q&A Tag by Deborah Kealty from Paperfury Cait Paper Fury cover to cover book blog C2C Book Blog blogger reader books reading kat snark katey Kruback The Book Habits and Currently Reading Tag Book Tag spring Now I Rise Kiersten White And I Darken

2. What genre, or genres, would you normally choose? 

Ah, this sounds like the perfect opportunity for a list! I do love me a good list. 

  • HIGH FANTASY – this is always a must. Something action-packed, glittering, and glorious, something that will grab me by the throat and shove my nose through the pages until I fall through. High Fantasy, honestly any fantasy in general, is a favorite of mine because it’s something you can truly get lost in for a while. 
  • CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE – conversely, I also love me some soft and sweet romance. Or dark, I like it dark, too. Something that will have me melting, grinning and kicking in adorableness, or something with enough angst that I have to grab a tissue box or put on some boxing gloves to get all the feels out. BOY do I love me some feels. 
  • PARANORMAL / URBAN FANTASY – now this is the shit that gets me in trouble. I’ll be the first to admit, magic gets me going. Magic + hotties with lethal dark sides or shifty secrets that could kill are just too irresistible. And if they’re waging a shadow war against a villainous somebody whence sacrifices must be made … just hand it over right now and stop giving me that look. 
  • FAIRYTALE RETELLINGS – Typically a little less bloodthirsty (HAHA yeah that was a funny joke, wasn’t it Grimm Brothers), but just as fun! I watched all the Cinderella movie remakes as a young tot and the Beauty and the Beast remakes and I adore it all. Of course, books wouldn’t any different! They may be classics, a little cliché, and smidge overdone, but I adore them all the same. 
  • EROTIC ROMANCE – I’m done for some steam between the sheets. Smexy romances are always a plus and cautioned against for public consumption, specifically in public. Let’s be honest, reading smutty deliciousness from junior high up has done me no favors in the lowering-the-standards department for a hottie of my own. 

3. Do you eat while you read and if yes, what exactly?

Let’s be real. If I didn’t eat while I read, I would have starved a long time ago. While I am exceptionally careful about ABSOLUTELY NOT getting crumbs in my book (GGGGGGRRRRRR die crumbs die!!!), it’s not often a problem. I mean, I’m not exactly crunching on crackers with my face pressed to the words. The book is usually propped behind the food. See, the book doesn’t go imminently underneath of you, that’s where the spaghetti goes!  <<——- Useful life tips, Sherlock.

Do we have a device invented yet where I can say “flip” and the book nicely flips to the next page so I don’t have to maybe try to use my nose and have the whole book tragically flop onto the table in a pit of despair? that would be useful. I am often relegated to my nose because these hands get cold and wish to stay under the blanket with my toes, thank you.

The Bookish Q&A Tag by Deborah Kealty from Paperfury Cait Paper Fury cover to cover book blog C2C Book Blog blogger reader books reading kat snark katey Kruback The Book Habits and Currently Reading Tag Book Tag spring Cherish Hard by Nalini Singh Bishop Brothers Rock Kiss

4. Are there any scenes from your favorite novels that you remember vividly?

Oooooh, look at that! Another wonderful opportunity to make a super fun list! Hooray! Also! A chance to move and walk over to my bookshelf and peek at books! Because my foot is super asleep and yowzers ow! 

  • THE DREAM THIEVESOrla’s extraordinarily orange bikini and the boys being like O_o
  • HARRY POTTERJust basically every delicious feast they ever had over the course of seven books and me wanting food that doesn’t actually exist
  • QUEEN OF SHADOWSThat moment where Aelin reverts to Celaena behavior in front of Rowan and Aedion when she strolls into Arobynn’s House to claim her fortune as a fire-breathing bitch queen of awesomeness
  • A COURT OF MIST AND FURYOr just “ACOMAF” for you sweet cinnamon kids that have been seeing the acronym used around and are wondering what the hell that is. The moment where Feyre just completely loses her shit and tries to Winnow in Tamlin’s house. OMG hits me right in the feels every. damn. time. holy hell
  • SIX OF CROWSBasically everything Kaz Brekker did *worship status*
  • WILD MANWhen he throws the chair during her interrogation <3 <3 <3 <3 
  • ELIZA AND HER MONSTERSWhen she essentially loses her shit when she’s outed and for me being around her trauma just makes me completely lose my shit with her <3 Sisterhood

… other vaguely spoiler-y things that I will keep hidden for the rest of you fools that haven’t gotten your paws on these treasures

5. Were there any least favorites?

I’m a little confused about what this question is asking. Were there any least favorite books? hi Unwritten. Or least favorite scenes in general? Or least favorite scenes in favorite books? What doth you be asking here, ma’am? 

I will tell you that I get super involved in any book I’m reading. That movie in your mind thing people talk about? Yeah, pretty much. I get super emotional with any media – if the character is crying, I’m probably bawling my eyes out. I laugh and cry and smile and experience anything along with the character. So if I’m rereading something particularly intense, I’ll probably have this pit of dread and excruciating terror in the pit of my stomach of anxiety if something is coming up. So with that vaguely answered question … 

The Bookish Q&A Tag by Deborah Kealty from Paperfury Cait Paper Fury cover to cover book blog C2C Book Blog blogger reader books reading kat snark katey Kruback The Book Habits and Currently Reading Tag Book Tag spring Holly Black Darkest Part of the Forest

6. So, as you’re a bookworm, what are you reading currently today?

I am a bookworm! Hello, and welcome to my book blog. I hope you’re happy this day. 

I actually just finished The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black for a reread late last night and am reading The Catcher in the Rye for school, which hardly counts. Now if it was “A Catcher in the Rhys”… I’d be all over that like words on a page. 

7. How’s it getting along for you?

Good. I first read The Darkest Part of the Forest in a buddy read back in 2015, which I know for sure because I kept finding post-its stuck to random chapters saying “Discuss with Aliya on Sunday” and such. I remember really liking it then and I really liked it again this time.

Holly Black has such a haunting writing style. With both The Darkest Part of the Forest and another book of hers I’ve read, The Coldest Girl in Coldtownyou get the feeling that some kind of goblin or creature of the forest is breathing on your neck, reading over your shoulder with you. It’s not that she writes straight-up horror, far from it, it’s just so … haunting and edgy. I can’t describe it. 

I can tell you that if you like Holly Black’s writing, you’ll find a similar match in Rosamund Hodge’s book (and vice versa). They both have that forestry-magic-edgy-haunt thing going on that’s so compelling. 

And no I haven’t read Cruel Prince yet!! I’m sorry *hides*

The Bookish Q&A Tag by Deborah Kealty from Paperfury Cait Paper Fury cover to cover book blog C2C Book Blog blogger reader books reading kat snark katey Kruback The Book Habits and Currently Reading Tag Book Tag spring Easter candy colorful books to all the boys I've loved before jenny han lara jean

8. Do you have a large bookshelf, or do you plan to get one?

Ah, my favorite subject to bring up around my parents. I have this baker rack thing in my room that I absolutely despise but that is quite big. It may reach the ceiling, but it does so with only five shelves, which leaves extraordinarily large gaps between the next shelf and the top of the book. So I have books stacked on top of the rows, of course, but still. Ick.

Did I mention the worst part? It’s a wicker. Which looks kind of nice, I guess, but it completely ruins the bottom of a book. Pulling a hardback out across a wicker surface just ruins the dust jacket X( Plus it’s brown and black, which works fine for my furniture but makes for dark and ugly #shelfie photos. Which is why you won’t find any \_O_/ 

I then have books stacked on top of my dresser, atop my headboard (which is kind of a one-shelf bookshelf with a flat surface on top that I also use as a shelf) and then I have a this like 3.5 feet tall tiny bookshelf of three shelves that houses my contemporary romances books. Then I have a tiny filing cabinet with two drawers that I stack books on top of. Then there’s my desk that has two shelves behind a cabinet that I use to stack books, as well. With a room as small as mine and no real bookshelf to show for the 500 + books housed in my room, one has to get extraordinarily creative. And I didn’t even mention the bedside table :)

9. Do you have a liking to indie or traditional books?

Honey, I just like books. Traditionally published authors are definitely some of my favorites and tend to be more popular, but that doesn’t mean I discount or don’t like indie books. I get a lot of indie ARCs and they’re usually pretty good (partially because I’m very very picky about my books).

I definitely don’t seek out indie vs. traditional books. I look for books people are talking about, that are recommended to me, or that look interesting on Goodreads. 

The Bookish Q&A Tag by Deborah Kealty from Paperfury Cait Paper Fury cover to cover book blog C2C Book Blog blogger reader books reading kat snark katey Kruback The Book Habits and Currently Reading Tag Book Tag spring Daughter of the Pirate King Siren Queen by Tricia Levenseller

10. And lastly, do you plan to promote reading in some way, or already are?

Hello, my name is Kat. Welcome to my book blog, where I work with authors, publishing houses and myself to recommend books to people who love them and am part of a community that frequently discusses books and passes along recommendations. Interested? Cool. Stay Tuned or head over to Bookstagram.

Not to mention I just bought the Enchanted Book Box’s Restore Me Book Subscription Box, which I swore I would avoid the temptation and not do, but I just did. If that’s not promoting reading, I don’t know what is. 

What are you currently reading? Do you have any recommendations for books featuring twins (other than Fangirl and the Wonderful Weasleys)? What stands out most vividly from your favorite reads? What are some of your bookish preferences? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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