Review: I Need You Tonight by Stina Lindenblatt

I Need You Tonight by Stina Lindenblatt Excerpt and Review Loveswept on Cover to Cover book and blogging blog by Kat Snark

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Genre: Adult | Contemporary Romance
Read Count: 1
Series: Pushing the Limits #3

Published: July 11th, 2017 (TODAY)
Pages: 302 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Publisher
Average Rating: 3.76 stars
My Rating: 3.5 stars
Description: Old habits die hard. But in this sexy, heartwarming romance, a musician who’s addicted to the temptations of the road falls for a good girl who makes him want to clean up his act.
Mason Dell’s band, Pushing Limits, is a sensation, and he’s having a blast on their biggest tour yet. Then he gets a call from his best friend, who’s in the Navy, asking him to find out why his sister isn’t answering her phone. The dude once saved Mason’s life from a suicide attempt related to a gambling problem—so the two-and-a-half hour drive from L.A. to her small town is nothing.
What he finds is a sweet, successful boutique owner who’s too busy to notice when her phone dies. Nicole McCormick has nothing better to do than work. She’s bored of all the men she’s been dating: stable, career-oriented guys who are nothing like her destructive father. Mason’s is a breath of fresh bad-boy air. Their sexual connection is explosive, and with her shop undergoing renovations, Nicole even joins Pushing Limits on the road. But when Mason falls off the wagon, that’s one path she swore she’d never go down again
While Nicole picks up her broken heart and heads home, Mason misses her like crazy. Although he wants to forge a future with her, he just doesn’t know how to leave the past behind. But for love, it’s time to learn.

Review on Cover to Cover Book and Blogging Blog

At the time I’m writing this, I literally just finished reading it last night. At 12:30am. Which may not be late by reader-trying-to-finish-book standards, but it was pretty late for me on that particular day.

I Need You Tonight was something I picked up on a whim after it was pitched to me. It sounded like a fun, entertaining read. And lets be honest, I haven’t read about too many rock stars lately, so you could say I was in need of some troubled musicians. I Need You Tonight was everything I thought it would be – fun, entertaining, light-hearted and perfect for sitting pool-side, with the sun shining on your face.

You could say that I have quite the fascination with rock star heroes. In fact, I’m in the midst of outlining a post about my favorite rock stars… and I’m only now realizing just how much I love them :) Although rock stars are lovely creatures that always have a great story (Nalini Singh‘s Rock Kiss series is a shining example of this), there does tend to be a repetition to them.

  1. Usually, the male is a womanizer. Adored by thousands – millions.
  2. Heroine has trouble coping with that.
  3. But after he meets heroine, there is no more groupies for him.
  4. She still has trouble coping with the number of panties thrown at his head.
  5. But he just wants to play music, right? Sure, at first he loves the women throwing themselves at him. But he’s in it for the music.
  6. The female often pretends to be part of the crew so she can tour with him.
  7. Something happens. Usually a scandal or a groupie misunderstanding or something of the sort.
  8. She runs.
  9. He chases.
  10. The life’s not for her – but she refuses to make him choose between his music and her.
  11. He tries to convince  her otherwise.
  12. Sometimes it works
  13. Most of the time it doesn’t, and they part ways for awhile.
  14. But they can’t live without each other anymore.
  15. She realizes that she is in love with him *gasp*
  16. A grand gesture is made. Perhaps she goes to one of his touring stops, or he does something romantic.
  17. They are together forever and make cute little rock star babies.

This does tend to be the general formula for rock star romances, and I was pleasantly surprised when this book took a little turn from the normal formula – it was completely unexpected, shocking, and it worked. But maybe it was a little unnecessary? No, that’s just my bias. I liked the ending. I just struggle with it. The ending was the right thing for the characters – just not for this fangirl.

Nicole and Mason were an adorable couple, and I was really pleased with the way their romance played out. They got time together in the beginning, doing the domestic-and-adorable thing in the beginning, before the craziness of touring hit. The way it was set up really allowed the reader to get invested in their romance, and made the changes in touring all the more stark.

The only thing I wish was different about this book was the band camaraderie. This is the third book in the Pushing the Limits series, and I haven’t read the first two because I was assured you could read this as a standalone. And, you can. However, the band was a huge part of Mason’s life, and I feel we didn’t get a lot of that aspect in this book. Maybe that’s because that connection was already built up in previous books and because I haven’t read them, I didn’t get it. But Mason has toured with those three guys for years – lived, breathed and slept in the same rooms together for months at a time. They were in a band. They were non-blood brothers, and I didn’t really get that from their interactions. I got that they were close, yeah, but I wish the book had centered less around Mason-and-Nicole, and more on Mason-and-Nicole-and-also-three-other-guys-living-in-the-same-damn-bus-and-bonding-and-ribbing. There should have been more interactions and less obliviousness towards each other. I had a hard time believing the other three guys were quite so oblivious towards the couple, as well as Mason’s problems as a whole. I mean, come on. Maybe the last one. But the first one? No way.

Overall, I really loved Mason and Nicole as a couple. They were adorable, had great chemistry and they just worked together really well.  I feel the book was a bit stretched out as far as their romance goes, though. While reading, I figured I was reaching the end and when I checked, I was only 47% through. Major Miscalculation.

If you’re looking for that action-packed book that will grab you and drag you into the story, maybe you slap you around a bit and not let you go until The End, this isn’t it. This won’t send you on an emotional roller coaster, or make you completely obsessed.

What it is, is a sweet, fluffy, lazy read. It’s the perfect pool-side entertainment that you could set down at any point, take a dip, take a snooze, eat some shrimp, and come back to later. I would definitely recommend this adorable read, and would very much suggest you take a look at this steamy snippet below ;)

Exclusive excerpt on Cover to Cover Book and Blogging blog by Kat Snark


The world wasn’t just black and white. It also contained various shades of gray. And right now, with my lips attached to Mason’s, we were smack-dab in the middle of the gray zone.

What did I know? That Mason was my brother’s friend and I shouldn’t be kissing him. He was leaving tomorrow, which was another reason for not kissing him. But I also knew he wasn’t the dating type, so as long as there were no expectations between us after tonight, there was no harm in this kiss. And judging from the way he was kissing me back, he was fully on board with the plan.

The kiss alternated between slow and delicious, then fast and hot. It was everything you could possibly want in a kiss—except for one thing.

At the sound of my stomach, which put the rumble of a thunderstorm to shame, Mason chuckled. “How about I make us dinner?”

“You sure?” I liked to cook, but from what I’d tasted of Mason’s food, I liked his cooking even more.

“Positive. Why don’t you walk Bernie and I’ll get started after a quick shower?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, lifting myself off Mason.

Over an hour later, after I’d walked Bernie and soaked my weary body in the shower, we sat down at the kitchen table for the best spaghetti and meatballs I’d ever tasted.

“So, Die Hard with a Vengeance tonight?” Mason asked.

“Naturally.” I popped a meatball into my mouth and closed my eyes as I chewed it. “Mmm. Oh God. This is so amazing.” That was the third time I’d said it, but it was the first time I sounded like I was racing toward an orgasm.

I opened my eyes to find Mason watching me with smoldering eyes. Heat and wetness flooded my core, and I squirmed under the intensity of his gaze.

“Glad you’re enjoying it,” he said, that goddamn sexy smirk of his back to tease me.

“Definitely enjoying it.” I returned my attention to my food. One more night and then he’d be gone, and I would be back to . . .

To what? To more mindless dates while waiting for Mr. Right to show up? Go me.

After we finished our meal and cleaned up the dishes, we retired to the living room for the last Die Hard movie we’d get to watch together.

The movie started out well—other than the part where I couldn’t focus on it. All I could notice was the man sitting next to me, the way he smelled, the way he filled out his jeans and T-shirt, the way he laughed.

The way my body felt alive when I was around him.

As if unconsciously sensing my dilemma, Mason leaned closer to me. His warm breath brushed against my ear. I turned to him, and before I could say anything, his mouth was on mine. And because I had already proven I had no willpower when it came to Mason’s kisses, my lips immediately parted for him.

Our kisses were rough, hungry, impatient. Sublime. His stubble brushed against my face and I moaned at the delicious sensation of it. He deepened the kiss.

My body took over, not interested in my brain having any say as to what would happen next. Shifting my leg, I straddled his hips, our mouths remaining locked together. If they could have stayed that way for the rest of my life, I would’ve been more than okay with that.

Again, my body ignored what my brain was telling it, and I ground my core against Mason’s hardening length. Good—I wasn’t the only one dealing with a lust-heightened body.

Mason’s lips moved from mine, but before I could tell him not to stop kissing me, his mouth moved to my jaw and the stubble on his face brushed against my skin again. And that made the ache between my legs beg breathlessly for relief.

His mouth continued forward, his warm breath caressing my ear. “Christ, I want to touch you. All of you.” If I burned any hotter at his words, fire trucks would be the only things capable of extinguishing the flames.

I made a sound that was closer to a squeak than a moan. Up until this point, Mason’s hands had been on my hips. Now one trailed along my side, skimming my tank top until it reached my breast. He lightly scraped a thumb against my nipple, and I sucked in a hard breath.

I expected his mouth to return to mine. Instead, his fingers, which had been resting on my hip, slipped under the fabric of my top and slowly slid it up, up, up, revealing my stomach . . . and then my breasts. A moment later, my bra was open, Mason having easily clicked open the front clasp.

At Mason’s hungry scrutiny, his eyes dark with desire, my panties grew even wetter. Reverently he circled a fingertip around one nipple. The bud tightened greedily with need. “So perfect,” he uttered. “So goddamn perfect.”

Cover to Cover Book and Blogging Blog by Kat Snark

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