Sunday Post #2: Happy Father’s Day!

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How my week went

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I’m sorry in advance for dumping on you.

My best friend died on Wednesday. My puppy, Riley, an Australian shepherd of a little over seven years, was struck with an autoimmune disease. Instead of her immune system attacking whatever illness she got, it attacked her own blood. Soon enough, her liver was failing and her blood platelet level (supposed to be in the upper hundreds) and her white platelet level (supposed to be in the upper two-hundreds) were both at twenty. She declined at a furious rate – it was almost hard to believe. On Monday, Riley stopped eating was a bit lethargic. That night, we noticed a blood spot in the yard and though she was urinating blood. My dad took her in Tuesday morning and she was rushed to the pet hospital, where they were for 5 hours before an 8 hour treatment was recommended, after we declined $7000 worth of tests. My mom and I picked her up at 11pm that night, she was far worse. The whites of her eyes were completely yellow, and her gums a yellow-ish tint. She walked to the car fine, but laid down and didn’t move at all in the car. After that, she couldn’t move. We couldn’t get her out of the car. I had to lug her out and inside to her doggie bed in the living room.

Meanwhile, my other dog, Gabby, was very confused and upset. She sniffed Riley several times, licked her face and then avoided the room for the duration of the day. Riley found the strength to walk around a bit (of which we were happy about) during the night, while my mom and I camped out in the living room with her. She could only walk a few steps, therefore going outside was a no-go. She urinated all over the carpet – except her urine was mostly blood, leaving four giant spots in the living room where I am constantly reminded of her and what happened. As I’m writing this now, my parents are buying new carpet in hopes that – with the blood removed – Gabby will now be able to enter the room.

The next day, she lost all mobility. She couldn’t stand any longer and could barely lift her head. Unfortunately, the earliest we could get an appointment to put her down was 4:30pm the next day. Everyone came to the house that afternoon to say their goodbyes, and were completely shocked by the state of her. Her tongue was then completely yellow and useless, and it was shocking to see my beautiful, active dog unable to move.

When we took her to the vet to get put down, the vet walked in and you could tell she was on a mission. But when she saw the state of my girl, she rocked to a halt and said, “wow, I’ve never seen it get this bad so fast. She’s really gone”. You could say that was a doozy that had me crawling for my tissue box. Thirty minutes later, she came back in to administer the injection, but her heart stopped just before it was injected. My poor baby xx

You could say that I’ve had a bit of a rough week, and I’ve done nothing but cry. Letters to the Lost was a huge help during this. I’d read it last week, but throughout the events unfolding these past few days, I found myself thinking back to some of the things in that books and thinking Me, too.

Last Week on the Blog

This Week on the Blog

  • Top Ten Tuesday: Series I’ve Been Meaning to Start But Haven’t
  • Waiting on Wednesday #1: Now I Rise by Kiersten White

Around the Blogosphere

Under the Covers is a blog that I’ve been reading for several years now. They do an amazing job – with several posts often coming out each day! That kind of productivity is rare for any blog, but for these four ladies, they do it with ease. Though review based, these lovely ladies offer up a variety of content, suitable for many different kinds of readers. My most recent favorite, Interview and Giveaway with Nalini Singh, is a highlight of what these lovely ladies do best! I love Nalini Singh and all of her works, so I was thrilled to see this interview – and get a chance to participate in the giveaway :)

Paper Fury will probably be a weekly feature on my Sunday Posts – it’s the one place I make sure to check constantly for new posts. I loved her most recent review, Spellslinger by Sebastian De Castell // Magical Outlaws and Talking Racoons, as you can see! Spellslinger was added to my TBR (see below). Cait has such a great voice and reading one of her posts is like listening to a hilarious story, and I have to say I’m a sucker for it. Keep doing what you do, Cait!

I founTwirling Pages, (a blog that blows my mind because it’s just so freaking pretty) on Instagram first. She’s a great photographer and takes the most gorgeous photos. They make me super jealous and are just so cute! I read her Best Books of Winter/Spring 2017 post not too long ago, and added a few new ones to my TBR! She also makes me really happy in this post because she references Paper Fury and I’m like ME, TOO. AND she’s a booktuber that I really enjoy watching :)

What I’ve Read This Week

I’ve read a lot of real winners this week :)

In My Mailbox

I broke down and went to the bookstore. I know, I know. BUT!! I had a $20 gift card :) And my total was only $23… so I got these two books for only $3!

And thanks to Loveswept for providing me with the following :)

On the Blog

It’s a readathon and a photo-challenge … all mixed together! You could take or leave the photo-challenge aspect if you wish :)

The goal is to complete 17 challenges within two months (June and July) … and participants get to enter in an end-of-readathon giveaway with ERIN WATT!!

You heard it … GIVEAWAY!!! Theyagreed to put up a copy of their newest release, When It’s Real for all you lovely participants :) Check out the information post for more information on how to participate!

Totally Random

I’m still depressed that I haven’t gotten my grubby paws on Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han. I’m also in the middle of reading The Rose and the Dagger and I am loving it!!!! Next week, my TBR Twin and I are buddy-reading The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre/Alessandra Torre. Let’s just say that I’m in book heaven! But, I am a bit indecisive. Should I read The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor or Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes? I can’t decide :/

Let's Chat on Cover to Cover Book and Blogging BlogHave you ever lost a pet? How was your week? What books did you get in the mail? What did you add to your TBR? What have you read recently that you liked? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Post #2: Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Oh no! So sorry… what a beautiful dog. Thank you for sharing that with us. I had that happen with a cat where they wanted to run a ton of expensive tests and it was pretty obvious it was her time. It’s tough.

    Good luck with C2C readathon!

    I vote for Kingdoms. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah… the tests were ridiculous. Especially when I looked up a site (that a medical college wrote, I can’t remember which off the top of my head) that had a list of diseases Aussies were most susceptible to – rare or otherwise – and after reading the list of symptoms and all that, it was it. And it was free! But alas. Thank you for the kind words, Greg :)


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