My TBR for #C2CReadathon2017

#C2CReadathon2017 TBR

Hello, readathon-ers!

I just announced the challenges and I’m so pumped to share my TBR with you now! I can’t wait to get this photo-readathon-challenge thing started! What a way to spend your summer, but for taking pictures of pretty books and reading said pretty books?

I’ve created a Google Sheets tracker so you can create your own TBR and track when you’ve completed them. Just make sure you “save as” so whatever you write on it doesn’t get written on the only copy. If you wish to participate, share your TBR online and check out the information post here.

Links to graphics: banner | image | challenges

Challenge #1: Read the group read: When it’s Real by Erin Watt

Challenge #2: Read that sequel you’ve been putting off

Challenge #3: Read the series conclusion you’ve been dreading

Challenge #4: Finish a book you’ve abandoned during a book slump

Challenge #5: Restart a series you used to love and no longer remember

Challenge #6: Read a 2016 new release you never got to

Challenge #7: Read a 2017 new release you haven’t read yet

Challenge #8: Start a new series by a revered author

Challenge #9: Read / listen to an audiobook while doing something (exercise, work, etc.)

Challenge #10: Read a book from your last book haul

Challenge #11: Read a book you have but didn’t pick up yourself

Challenge #12: Read a book photographed on my Instagram account (@katsnark)

Challenge #13: Read a book that matches your favorite article of clothing

Challenge #14: Find one of your favorite books + pick the book to the right you’ve not read

Challenge #15: Read an ARC, required reading book or unread book you’ve had for 2+ years

Challenge #16: Go to your local bookstore and pick up a book

Letters to the Lost

Challenge #17: Read one of the first ten books that shows up on your Instagram feed 

Both of these lovelies popped up in a gorgeous photo by @stephscottya … and I can’t decide! We’ll see 🙂

Are you planning on participating in the #C2CReadathon2017? What books are you going to read for it? Have you read any of these books? Did you like them? Comment down below! I’d love to hear from you :)

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