8 Perils of Book Hoarding


Hello, fellow hoarders!

So Book Hoarding is a thing. Especially on Instagram where too many Bookstagrammers take artistically gorgeous shots of their artistically gorgeous shelves and bookish knick-knacks.

But I’m not bitter.

Book Hoarding is amazing! Although my hoarding methods may not be as gorgeous as others, I’m still very much embroiled in the fact that I can hardly turn around in my room anymore. There is some trial and error involved and is quite the risky life to live.

What should I read next?

When you have so many books, it can be hard to stick to just one lovely book to read! When everywhere you go has awesome books that need to be read…you end up reading multiple books at once! Some Fire in You by Jennifer L. Armentrout, some Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima and maybe even Dancing in the Rain by Kelly Jamieson. Then, there’s the decided WHAT to read. You have hundreds of books. A brand new haul. WHAT TO CHOOSE????

Maybe I’ll just pick up Burn for You by Ilona Andrews… for the tenth time.

Social Life

Yeah, right! You can forget this one!  What is a social life? Who are friends? You mean like the characters in my book and those people that talk to me through Bookstagram on my phone? With stacks of books thirty high on each surface (and couch cushion), you better not expect to find your purse for awhile… let alone the car keys!! You’re staying right where you are. In fictional heaven.

It's not hoarding if it's books (1)Risk of Injury

Have I mentioned the books lying around everywhere? I may have given the impression I practically lived in a cell my room is so neat. Sorry, but that’s not the case. Maybe one day I forget that the contemporary’s are stacked by my bed for easy late-night-reaching…and wake up in the morning to a face full of pages when I trip out of bed! Or that the nightstand is packed with Retellings…and bump into it on my morning stumble to the bathroom.


Books are flying.

Savings? Pshah. What’s that?

The thing about being a hoarder is you can never have enough. Only $20 in your wallet and you still have to pay for tonight’s takeout and shampoo? Well, Erin Watt just came out with a new book, oops…. looks like it’s crackers for dinner and who needs to shower, anyway? I’m not leaving the house.

The Never Ending Quest

Ah, yes. The time where every Book Dragon becomes a Knight in their own way. As we forage through the rough carpet, arms laden with the burden of treasure, looking around the treasure trove for that perfect gem you sailed over oceans (climbed stairs) for. But where did that pale-covered high-fantasy beauty go?

Dusting le BooksRiley reading

With so many books, a lot of books could be turning into shelf décor (the horror). This means DUST. And DOG HAIR. A few months after, you’ll go looking for a book and find it cakes in the symptoms of disuse. So, with book hoarding, comes Book Dusting. We can’t have them being neglected, can we?

Pets. Constantly. Knocking. Over. Books!!!

I have two dogs. I love my dogs. I ADORE my puppies. But the constant knocking-over of precious books can get a little challenging. I love my puppers, but I also love my books. You can forget the layer of dog-hair over my gorgeous pages. They, rather than the disuse, may be the real reason I have to dust le books.

No space for more!

My shelves are organized by genre and color and I got myself a huge haul for my birthday. THERE’S NO ROOM FOR MORE!!!!! I’m going to have to move things around….because I can’t get rid of any! Nope. No way. Stop suggesting I part with my babies. I’m going to have to put some in the closet. I’m sorry, but it’s got to happen. I could stack them on the bottom corner of my bed! I don’t sleep there! Or maybe on the window….

It's not hoarding if it's books right? RIGHT?!!?! I think I just realized I have a huge problem

What are your hoarding perils?


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