Love Letters 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day, Readers!

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it’s because I get to post about my favorite fictional boyfriends. Maybe it’s because you can practically smell the sweetness and heartache and cocoa in the air. Maybe it’s just because of the chocolate. (It’s totally because of the chocolate.) This year, I love it because I get to bring you exclusive sweetness!! I’ve rounded up six amazing authors to bring you love letters, from their characters! If you’ve never heard of any of these authors, well, they rock. I encourage you to get your box of chocolates, your mug of hot cocoa, curl up in a comfy chair and scroll through these letters and find some amazing reads.

If you stick around, at the end, is a giveaway by the fantastic Nalini Singh!

I’m going to quit yapping and let you get sucked in my these amazing writers and let them work their magic on you, and suck you in :)

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Dear Girl on the Roof,

You don’t have to say it. I know this is kind of lame.
Ok, very lame.

But you’ll never read this, so that’s okay. I can say anything I want. I can say all those things I’ve thought and wondered about and wanted to say since the first time I saw you sitting there on the balcony of your house next door.
The first time I noticed you? Three years ago, I think. You had this telescope, and you were searching the stars with it, aiming it far up and away from here. There was a full moon, and that made your hair shine the way the stars did. Moonlight and starlight. You had this white dress on. The rest of you was just a shadow in the dark.
You glowed, though.
Jesus. I can’t even believe I wrote that.
You’re usually there at night I try not to look up but I see you anyway. You’ve pulled your knees up and you lock your arms around them, rest your chin, tilt your head. Like you are dreaming. Or wondering. Or thinking. Like I am.
Why are you there? What’s inside your house that’s taking you outside of it? Are you just mapping the night sky? Or something more than that?
Sometimes you’re there during the day, when I get home from school. You seem…Somehow smaller then. Tucked up closer. I don’t know why that happens.
I want to know.
Whenever you’re there on your roof, looking out at us…
I confess. I show off. Basketball in our driveway. Dunk it faster. Maybe you’re looking. Maybe you aren’t. Just in case.
Bottom line here:
When you’re looking, I look back. When you aren’t, I see you anyway.
I always wait for you to wave and admit that you’re noticing.
Maybe I should stop waiting and do something.


The Cad and the Co-Ed by Penny Reid and LH Cosway

My dear sweet, lovely Eilish,

I was thinking about our conversation the other night, about poetry and the romantic blokes that write it. I’m not a poet or fancy with words, but for you I’ll make an exception. Here’s goes (and I’m trusting you not to share this with Sean . . . I mean it.)

Some days I’m uncertain, but then your hand finds my hand
Some days I’m weak and paper thin, but your touch helps me remember who I am
Some days I’m tired and sore, but then I see your smile
You have the kind of eyes that makes my heart pound for miles (I need to reword this last bit, still a work in progress).

You give the kind of love that makes me the luckiest of them all
And when you’re standing next to me I feel ten feet tall
I never imagined I’d find the happiness we have in our little family
One day I hope it grows bigger, but of course, we’ll have to see (Patrick wants me to remind you here that he’d like a brother AND a sister. FYI)

I can’t express myself as eloquently as others but I’d just like to say
I wouldn’t trade our life for all the world
Happy Valentine’s Day
Yours forever and always,







P.S. I’d draw you hearts and kisses but Patrick says you’d like this picture of Pikachu much better.
P.P.S. Have you noticed nothing rhymes with “world”? Maybe furled or curled? Whereas I can think of ten words right off the back that rhyme with duck. ;-)


Picture Me This by Marina Lovechild

Dearest Samantha,
It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m stuck in my studio apartment in New York, thinking of you.

I know you dislike your full name, and in all honesty… That is why I wrote it. I can’t wait for you to let me know in person just how much I annoyed you by writing it. I hope it comes with a bit of the punishment we both enjoy, and I promise to give you all the love you need in return for my wrong-doings. I’ll tease you if you promise to tease me back.

I bet you’re busy cramming for your exams, Sam, and we’ve never been one of those people that considers Valentine’s Day a special event, but I guess I’m now breaking our unspoken rule by writing you this letter. Call me old school, but this feels it has more weight to it than just calling you. It gives me time to write exactly what I mean without interruption, even though I would like nothing more but to hear your beautiful voice.

I wish you were here with me and that I’d get to celebrate the odd coincidence that led us to each other.
I guess loneliness played a factor, but I’ve grown to realize that there were more to it than that. The more time I get to know you, I realize how much a fool I was never to have sought you out sooner.
You’re a true artist, Sam, and my kindred spirit. My photography bleaks in comparison to yours sometimes, and I’d lie if I wasn’t a bit jealous of your talent.

You are a beautiful creation, and so is the work you produce.

Sam… I can’t wait until you’re finished with school so that you can come to New York and be with me.
Yes… Please. Be with me.
I don’t know of your plans and I’m not one to beg, but… here I am, begging. I get to see you during a few weekends here and there, but it’s not enough for me. I want you here, by my side. Every day of the week. I can’t stop thinking of you, even when you are here. How crazy is that?
I guess that is what you make me. Crazy.
But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Forever yours,


Shadowcaster by Cinda Williams Chima


To: Captain Alyssa Gray
Highlander Army of the Fells

From: Captain Halston Matelon
Imperial Army of Arden

By the time you read this, the Maker willing, I should be well over the border and on my way home.
First and foremost, I apologize in advance for any difficulties my escape may cause you vis-à-vis Queen Raisa. I hope her majesty recognizes the difficulty of your mission in the face of my determination to go home and see to the safety of my family. Your value as an officer and commander goes without saying. I speak from personal experience, having suffered two humiliating defeats at your hands on the battlefield.
May I just say there is no one that I would rather be humiliated by?
As to what happened between us at Queen’s Court Vale (here I am not referring to the battle, but to our more recent encounter, the one interrupted by Lieutenant Bosley) I cannot stop thinking about it, and if you should ever want to
I hope you’ll forgive my–
I hope you were able to put your uniform back in good order. I’ve found that soap thistle is good for taking out mudstains (blood, too.)
We are both soldiers, and a soldier’s life is cruel, perilous, and too often cut short. The hot blood rises, on and off the battlefield, and it is tempting to seize the day in whatever way we can. This thing between us—that may be all that it is.
But I think not—for my part, at least. I have never met a woman like you– (admittedly, I may have, but did not know it.) someone who could be a friend, a comrade, an adversary, a lover. Someone who has challenged me in ways I have never been challenged before. You have changed me, for the better, I believe.
You know by now that I am not adept with words. Fate has put us on opposite sides in this never-ending war. I hold in my heart the hope that one day it will be different. In the meantime, know this, Captain—whatever happens, I am on your side.



Clean Break by Abby Vegas

Dear Sexy-Butt:

I walked by some ramen noodles at the store today and it made me think of you, and then I had the biggest, goofiest grin on my face. All I could think about was those cold winter nights with you in the basement apartment. Had to flee to Frozen Foods to cool off… but it didn’t work.

So here I am, all alone except for the big, needy dog wedged next to me on the sofa. Wondering when you’ll get home. Thinking about all the things I’ll do to drive you absolutely crazy. (In a good way.)

Hurry home,


Nalini Singh wants to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Nalini Singh, author of the amazing Psy-changeling, Rock Kiss and Guild Hunter series, is slammed with writing. Yeah, and we don’t want her to get behind, do we? ;)

So instead, she wants to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day by giving away a copy of MY favorite book by her … Rock Hard! OMG you guys, I’m so jealous right now I can hardly stand it :))

Rock Hard GiveawayThis is how the giveaway works …

  1. Comment below in order to participate
  2. Giveaway Closed
  3. Open internationally
  4. Winner will be announced on Twitter and Instagram March 1st at 4pm (@kateadreamer on both accounts)
  5. I will send an email to the winner, and if I do not receive a reply within 24 hours (March 2nd at 4pm) another winner will be chosen.
  6. Comments will be chosen randomly (I will print them out, cut them up, put them in a jar and pick one)
  7. For a comment to quality, it must be a thoughtful one. “Comment” or “Great post” comments do not qualify. Put some effort in, people!
  8. If you’re not interested in receiving a copy of Rock Hard (which I totally recommend, as it is currently tied for first place for my favorite contemporary read of all time, and I’ve read it a total of nine times in the years since I’ve discovered it), and still wish to comment, do so with a ***, and I’ll know you’re not interested

Thank you to all the participating authors! They’ve absolutely outdone themselves with these love letters. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with love from some of your favorite characters! Have a very happy Valentine’s Day and good luck in the giveaway!

154 thoughts on “Love Letters 2017

  1. For the books that I have read the corresponding letters made me laugh. They capture the emotions of the characters so well and gives the reader a deeper look into what is going on in their heads. I loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reading the love letters lit the twig that started a blaze of feels, first for the books and then memories of love letters I was fortunate to receive. A lovely start to St. Valentine’s Day. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The first letter just affirms to me why Jase Garrett is my ultimate literary love! <3 He really tells everything like it is, and he is so sweet! I haven’t read any of the other books yet, but these love letters have left me intrigued! I hope you have a very Happy Valentine’s Day! :) <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. seriously, right??? I’ve read My Life Next Door like 3 times now and every time … ❤️️ Jase ❤️️ 😍 I’m so glad you liked it!!! The other books are all amazing, I highly recommend you check them out :) Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 💝

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I just finished The Cad and The Co-Ed on the train! I love Bryan, Ellish and Patrick. That’s the only one I have read but I want to read Picture Me This and The Boy Next Door now. Happy Late V-day! I hope everyone had a great one.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. As much as Penny Reid is one of my all-time favorite rom-com authors, it was the Huntley Fitzpatrick-penned letter that made me smile and reminisce. It’s been so long since I’ve read My Life Next Door and Jase’s letter brought me right back.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Haven’t read any of those books but will definitely check them out, loved the love letters. Thanks for the giveaway, I adore Nalini Singh, have read all her books. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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