Fictional Bucket List: Throne of Glass Edition

Throne of Glass Fictional Bucketlist banner.png

Go shopping with Aelin + Lysandra

Lysandra and Aelin are so cute together! As friends, of course. I’m definitely Team Rowan… not that there’s teams anymore. They’re just so much fun! They have a great time together and don’t bother with any charades. I guess both of them have had enough of that. Plus, they both have a GREAT sense of style! Of course I want to go go shopping with them! Who wouldn’t? Hopefully, we’ll get two broody bodyguards shadowing us, too ;)

Night out with Aedion

Aedion is a definite favorite of mine :) He’s wolfish and intelligent, yes, but also compassionate, hopeful and so loyal, it makes me want to cry. He’s a cunning, powerful force on the battlefield and off of it–the perfect twin to his Queen; they’re both savage and have the wrath of the gods when they get angry. But he’s also such a sweetheart! He’s funny and loyal and very, very roguish *swoon*. A night out with Aedion would be as entertaining as it would be absolutely FUN.

Play Tug of War with the Thirteen

Manon and her Thirteen are definitely a force strong enough to demand their own bullet point on my list. They’re absolutely vicious, relentless and can be quite horrifying. But they, too, have a soft side for each other, and for the unfortunate one’s who either can’t protect themselves or need help. They may be ferocious and brutal, but they’re also loyal and sassy! On second thought… maybe I don’t want to be in the middle of war with them. Even if it is tug of war. Heads be rollin’

Discuss books with Dorian

Talk about a sweetheart! Dorian is so cute it breaks my heart. He loves fiercely and puts his all into everything he sets his mind to. Even after being in a soul-shattering predicament (which, OMG, seriously soul-shattering!) he still braves getting up in the morning. Which in and of itself is commendable, but he also has to save his kingdom; fighting a force wicked and evil enough to be kicked out of hell itself. And he likes to read! YESS! We shall sit, drink tea with our pinkies out and gorge on a book discussion to end all book discussions!

Do anything with Rowan (anything)

I think you get me when I say I would do anything if it involved Rowan. Sleep in a forest? Heck yeah. Walk miles in the rain? You know it! Slaughter an endless army of Valg for hours on end? Let me get my sword! Kick puppies? Well… maybe not that far. He wouldn’t do that anyway. Prince Rowan and so possessive and growly and loyal and so damned arrogant… the perfect combination to set my heart aflutter! He is 100% focused on Aelin, attuned to her every flicker of pain, whisper of sadness… or curl of desire *fans self* *fans self again* *goes to get a damned fan*

Gamble with Aelin, Lysandra + Faliq

Aelin and Lysandra are great fun by themselves… but Nesryn Faliq is a little different. Known for her sharp edges, icy demeanor and for being a relentless pragmatist, Faliq came with a bit of an initial shock after a series chock-full of vicious, sassy females who still know how to let loose a little. She’s pretty closed off, but still very entertaining! I enjoyed her immensely and think that after she thaws a bit, a night out with the three of them would be a roaring success! Besides the bloodshed that would undoubtedly ensue between them in a competitive game involving money…at least I didn’t invite Manon … ?

Go to the theater with Aelin

Aelin is very heavily influenced by music. A driving force in the initial dominance over her magic and one of the few things that could move her to tears so quickly, I would love going to see a symphony or play with her, to see music from her perspective and be as embroiled in the melody as she seems to be. Especially if it’s fae music *tears up at the memory of Rena*

Pet Lysandra the Ghost Leopard

The Ghost Leopard never failed to make me chuckle, having me receive weird looks from my fellow classmates. Whatever, they’re just jealous. The Ghost Leopard represents what is good and kind about Aelin’s court. They’re all ruthlessly lethal in their own count, but are still a tight-knit group of friends whose comradery makes me wish I was there with them (despite the horrible circumstances). Also, she’s kind of a badass and that’s awesome :)

Fly with Abraxos

Abraxos is AHHH! So freaking cool! Who knew that a wyvern would be one of my favorite characters? A “worm” (says Manon, often affectionately) that loves to curl up and chew on flowers…and can smite cities with Manon at his side. He’s too sweet and adorable and I absolutely loved this addition to the lovely set of characters that make Erilea’s miserable journey to freedom all that more entertaining!What would you do with your favorite characters if they were real? Check out my Fictional Bucketlist to do with characters from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

I’m currently in the middle of Empire of Storms…and am LOVING IT!!!! Throne of Glass has dominated my favorites pile for a little over three years now and I just can’t comprehend why everyone hasn’t read it!!! Throne of Glass is honestly one of the best things I’ve set my hands on since The Name of the Wind, and it just gets better and better with each book!

Ok, I’m done fangirling now :D

What’s on your fictional bucket list for Throne of Glass?


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