Every Book Dragon’s Nightmare!



Book Slump

Dan with the Nightly News#BookSlump is a horrific disease that periodically sweeps the nation, and seems to be targeting book lovers, affecting one of the things they love most —the books!

The number of those affected continues to rise as each person is swept up by this atrocious disease, but those who fight it seem to come out of it stronger than ever.

It’s most recent acquisition is reader Kat Snark, blogger and creator of the amazing blog entitled Cover to Cover. Kat reports that the disease is debilitating to not only to her reading and blogging habits, but that it is also starting to affect her mental sanity, going without her book boyfriends and heroes for so long! Kat expects to make a speedy recovery (and soon) but asks for your support through this tough time.

Book Slump MemePeople always say that disasters to any individual affect the people around you more, but Kat has asked us to mention that those in her life are reveling in her disease! Apparently they’re family…? Who knew! Kat assures us that though she’s fighting the disease 110%, she’s also enjoying getting to know her roommates… apparently one of them is a brother??

As far as symptoms go, we’ve asked a few of the recipients of the disease what exactly we’re looking at, and they mention renewed energy from less late nights; depression from separation of the boyfriends and soul mates, and lovers and wolf-mates (if you’re reading this, I’ll see you soon!); many DNF-marked books and less excitement towards new releases, which the wallets seem to enjoy. Among the symptoms, there seems to be an increased amount of time spent on the internet researching the books they want to be reading at the moment, but are putting off because they want to read it and enjoy it, which is less likely during this time.

We don’t know the origin of this monstrosity yet, what exactly causes it, and why it chooses the victims it does, but as soon as we know, we’ll be sure to spread the information far and wide.

For now, go home and embrace your loved ones -but watch for paper cuts. Those seem to happen, unfortunately.

The Book Slump is a horrific disease that spreading the nation ... spread the word!

That’s it for now and goodnight folks!

Don’t forget to spread the word! Maybe if people are prepared, it won’t hit them quite as hard…


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